Dr. Bodo R. V. Antonic
Interim and crisis specialist | Key Note Speaker
Dr. Bodo R. V. Antonic
Interim and crisis specialist | Key Note Speaker

Management of turbulent phases, Top/Bottom Line Growth, Life Sciences & Services

Focused and straightforward executive with international experience in B2B Operations, Sales & Marketing. Emphasis on companies in turbulent times of upheaval, where old-fashioned issues are challenged, and untrained organizations need to be brought up to speed. Focused on results, reliable proof of performance in terms of sales and margin growth based on strategic planning with regard to market development, especially in saturated markets. Proven experience in team development, sales force organization restructuring and service delivery processes. Specialty: "reinventing" companies by focusing on customer needs.

Motto: „Make things happen. Focus on transparent and lean processes, which contribute to the needs of all stakeholders.”.

  • Date of Birth 30.01.67
  • Nationality German
  • Residence Lucerne, Switzerland
  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Croatian
Key Skills
  • Strategy and focus driven
  • Fast analyses and decisions
  • Troubled water leadership
  • 3 D - people, products, processes
  • Hands on
  • Organizational Skills
What my clients say
Mr. Antonic insists in asking questions and is not afraid of raising even the unpleasant questions. But that’s exactly how he gets to the point very quickly and helps.
BU Head
Services provided
Crisis, Turnaround, Restructuring

Leadership is required in this area. Crisis management, turnaround management, risk management, executive coaching and process optimization belong in the toolbox. Communication skills, decision-making power and persuasiveness are a must. Above all, it takes force and impact to achieve sustainable success.

Business Continuity

This area is about the long-term viability of companies. This is more than crisis management, it starts earlier than turnaround management. BCA takes into account the structures, processes, rules and practices, but above all the attitude and competencies of managers and employees in the company.

Key Notes - Make People Change

Bodo Antonic´s key notes are about shaking up managers and employees. To sensitize them to what is changing, what it takes for change, how change and leadership interact. Often with a view to the practices and processes that are critical to success in sales and customer care. Key notes with with force, impact and effect.

07/2017 – 03/2019
Synlab Suisse SA (Routine medical diagnostics)
650 employees CH, > 20.000 global | Commercial Director CH, Board Member, Location Lucerne
  • Report line: CEO
  • Achievements: Topline +5% EBITDA +1,2%, reorg Sales force completed, set-up contract management completed
  • Responsibility: 150 mCHF Schweiz, PnL, 40 employees
  • Primary goals: Management and restructuring Sales force, turnaround, introduction of compliance management in sales, introduction of KPI, introduction of Sales Funnel management; Digitization of services
09/2016 – 05/2017
McKesson Europe AG, formerly Celesio AG (Pharmaceutical Industry)
35.000 employees Europa | European Head of Bx, Director´s Board Member, Location Stuttgart
  • Report line: Director of Procurement
  • Achievements: Topline +1.000%, EBITDA +1.000%, reorg Bx completed
  • Responsibility: 17 b€ (Matrix), PnL, 5 employees
  • Primary goals: Management and restructuring of the Bx division, increasing sales and earnings in new business areas, leading the countries in dotted lines, digitizing the business model, implementing big data applications, introducing new hospital care
05/2016 – 08/2016
Merck Group (Pharmaceutical Industry)
51.000 employees global | Global Key Account Director Fertility, Location Darmstadt
  • Report line: Vice President Global Fertility
  • Achievements: Evaluation and reorg completed
  • Responsibility: 350 m€ global (Matrix), Turnover
  • Primary goals: Evaluation of the global customer, pricing and reimbursement landscape, introduction of the KAM system, definition of interfaces to the retail sector, distribution of roles and responsibilities, redefinition of a KAM-oriented CRM system
ThermoFisher Scientific, Phadia Deutschland GmbH (Diagnostics)
5.000 employees Germany | Commercial Director, Board Member
  • Report line: Managing Director DACH
  • Achievements: Topline +20%, EBITDA +3%, reorg and turnaround completed
  • Responsibility: 50 m€ D, PnL, 30 employees
  • Primary goals: Reorg of post M & A integration, increase in sales and EBIT and pricing, restructuring and hybridization of field and office staff, reduction of silos, implementation of CRM, introduction of KPI systems, in-depth discussions with the works council, management of technical operations
09/2011 – 05/2012
Vifor Pharma Espana (Pharmaceutical Industry)
2.500 employees global | Chief Restructuring Officer, Board Member
  • Report line: Senior Vice President SEMEA
  • Achievements: Topline +3%, EBITDA +2%, all streams completed
  • Responsibility: 80 m€ (Matrix), PnL, 150 employees

Primary goals: Post M & A integration, stabilize sales/margins, New Business Development, multi stream management, Sales/Lingual/Steering/Process Excellence, set-up KAM, Introducing KPI Systems, introducing CRM / CRM excellence, cultural change from paternalistic to corporate structures, reorg operations

10/1998 – 09/2001
University of Hagen
Business Administration
Graduation: Bachelor
02/1994 – 03/1998
University of Heidelberg; Max-Planck-Inst für Kohlenforschung, Mülheim/Ruhr
Graduation: Promotion
10/1991 – 09/1994
University of Heidelberg
Graduation: Bachelor
10/1988 – 09/1991
University of Heidelberg
Graduation: Bachelor
10/1988 – 01/1994
University of Heidelberg
Graduation: Master
Further education and academic acticities
2003 – 2005
Certified Miller Heiman Consultant
2003 – 2004
Certified Hypnotherapeutic Coach
2002 – 2003
Certified Systemic Coach
2006 – 2016
Lecturer HTW/HWR Berlin/Aalen
Lecture Sales Management


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  • Switzerland: +41 (0)767976671
  • eMail: info@bodo-antonic.de